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Is It Possible to Have Healthy People on a Sick Planet?
How should we work to address climate change and other planetary threats to human health and survival? Our society is built on a global economy that is extractive and destructive, not only to the planet but to people and societies. What is needed to shift to an economic system that does not externalize harm, given the implications for human and planetary health? This year, Gary Cohen, president of Health Care Without Harm, an organization focused on the intersection of health care, climate change, and health equity, will discuss these questions and more with Mildred Z. Solomon, president of the Hastings Center, at the Daniel Callahan Annual Lecture on April 19 at noon Eastern Time.


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Gary Cohen
President @Health Care Without Harm
Health Care Without Harm is the international campaign for environmentally responsible healthcare. HCWH is working to prevent disease and illness in society by assisting the healthcare sector to understand the links between a healthy environment and healthy people and helping hospitals become more environmentally sustainable as well as anchors in their communities for resilience, equity and community wellness. HCWH is focused on mobilizing the health sector globally to address the climate crisis as a medical emergency.